Video of road rage biker gang before the incident with VW shows stunts and aggressive driving.

It's the story that keeps on giving - a large group of unnamed motorcycle riders have been driving through Mississauga, Ontario over the last few weeks, causing some drivers to become upset resulting in road rage, a fiery crash and several charges. But it turns out that not just the biker gang may be at fault, as shown by new videos from a witness who was near the action recently.

We first heard about several riders allegedly getting into a confrontation with the male driver of a Volkswagen Golf, as well as his female passenger. The argument reportedly ended with the woman getting punched unconscious, and the VW driver taking chase, then escaping from his car after it flipped and caught fire.



Another driver and his passenger who were also near the motorcycle riders before the incident with the Golf, took video of the motorcycle gang in action. As they popped wheelies and performed other stunts, the occupants of the car seemed to be enjoying the display. Shortly after they begin recording, though, the VW Golf comes into view, and the two talking in the video seem to think the driver is acting dangerously near the group of motorcycles.

As the Golf tailgates some of the riders and attempts some dangerous lane changes, the people on the video say they see an object fly out of the Volkswagen's driver side window, thinking it may be a fast food cup. Whether this was the case, and whether or not it was what directly led to the groups pulling off the highway and getting into the road rage incident is unclear.


The outcome:


It turns out the driver of the Volkswagen Golf ended up being arrested for several highway traffic act offences. As of the writing of this story, none of the motorcycle riders have been caught or charged in connection with this incident.

That incident follows on the heels of another massive group of motorcycles that drove through Mississauga, Ontario a couple of weeks ago. The earlier video shows over 100 motorcycles passing traffic using lane-splitting and running red lights, both of which are illegal on Canadian roads. Members of that group have also not been identified as of yet by police.


Source: CP24

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