Across the Horizon was a Canadian-focused trip that started in Vancouver and wrapped up in Montreal to promote the Forza Horizon 3 game.

If there's one bonafide way of successfully promoting a new racing game, it's by offering fans the chance to admire (read: drool over) real-life supercars. That's what Xbox Canada did recently with its "Across the Horizon" event recently, which aimed to garner attention for its new Forza Horizon 3 racing game that we reviewed before the launch this week.

Across the Horizon was a Xbox Canada trip that started in Vancouver on September 11 and ended in Quebec 14 days later. Along the way, those involved in the event would make pit stops and complete real-life vehicle challenges.

One option, for example, asked if fans would rather see a McLaren 570S tear around Shannonville race track, or watch custom cars drifting at Topp Drift. In that example, the second choice won, and you can see the results below:



Additional adventures included a Jeep Wrangler climbing Baldy Mountain in Vancouver, tearing around a track in a Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe, and traversing mud pits in Northern Ontario. Along the way, the Across the Horizon group would visit EB Games video game stores and demo the Forza Horizon 3 video game.

The promotion finished at Montreal's New City Gas dance space, where a Horizon-inspired meet-up featured some awe-inspiring vehicles.

Forza Horizon 3 launched to the masses on Tuesday, and has been met with critical acclaim.

Similar events were held in the United States, as well as in Australia, where the game itself is set.

Forza Horizon 3 launched to the masses on September 27, and has been met with critical acclaim. It's currently sitting at a 91 percent rating on Metacritic, and our own review sang its praises. Horizon 3 features over 350 cars, and players can race in everything from a Lamborghini Centenario, to a Reliant Supervan III, to the Halo series' iconic warthog off-roader.



Although the game is sure to take up dozens - if not hundreds - of your free hours, we're already thinking ahead to Forza Horizon 4, and where it will take place. Here's hoping developer Playground Games considers the Canadian landscape itself. If you can avoid the congested city centres, there are a lot of places that scream for adventure behind the wheel.



Source: Xbox Canada

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