There’s a lad in Northern Ireland who spent a better part of his December last year building four pint-sized classic Toyota AE86 replicas.

It should be pointed out that these are actually miniature copies of the real car. Built on a go-kart chassis and powered by what appears to be a small two-stroke motor. By the dimensions alone, we’d say these are meant for children. Some of the pictures in the gallery below would suggest the same.

Details surrounding these mini AE86s are sparse at best, but after much scouring, this is what we could gather:

They were built by a small shop in Northern Ireland called Bracky Refabs. The shop is known for working on JDM imports and other collector vehicles. The bodies for the mini AE86s are formed and welded sheet metal, and dropped onto a chassis of an existing go-kart. As mentioned earlier it appears to be a Honda two-stroke powering it all, possibly a 180 cc motor. In a post on Facebook, the builder mentions having a jig that the AE86s were built on, which makes sense and would be the route to take anytime something is being built in repetition.

Toyota’s Corolla Levin and Corolla Trueno, known to enthusiasts as AE86, refer to Corollas built between 1983 and 1987. They came in two-door coupe and three-door hatchback variants that were powered by a 1.6-litre inline-four.

Mini Toyota Corolla AE86 by Bracky Refabs
Mini Toyota Corolla AE86 by Bracky Refabs

Keen-eyed aficionados would tell you that the mini AE86s built by Bracky Refabs are all Corolla Levins. How can you tell? The Corolla Trueno used pop-up headlights, while the Levin had fixed lights.

The colour scheme of one of the four mini cars built bears a striking resemblance to the black-and-white AE86 Trueno from popular Japanese manga and anime Initial D (the series is all about drifting, and is full of retro Japanese cars, so go check it out if you haven’t already).

Since pictures of the four cars first showed up on the Bracky Refabs’ Facebook page in December 2015, the page has been inundated with requests for pricing and other details for the mini AE86 replicas.

The builder has not shown any indication since the original posts in December that these AE86s are a regular item for the shop, nor that they would be building more.

Although Toyota have long since abandoned performance versions of the Corolla nameplate, you could say the spiritual successor of the classic AE86 comes in the form of the new Toyota 86.


Photos: Bracky Refabs via Facebook

Source: Bracky Refabs via Facebook

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