Just a concept for now, but we’d love to see it in production.

It’s not too impressive in 2016 to claim your vehicle can do 100 miles per hour (160 kilometres per hour) – unless, that is, you’re promising that 100 mph is achievable off-road. That’s the big claim of the Ram Rebel TRX concept, a hugely powerful “extreme performance” truck that looks ready to bring the fight to the Ford F-150 Raptor.

The basis for the TRX is a regular Ram 1500 Rebel, but with everything turned up to 12. A new vented hood allows extra cooling air for a 575-horsepower, 6.2-litre supercharged V8 engine (yes, essentially a de-tuned Hellcat engine). It directs waste gases through five-inch, side-exit exhausts integrated with the side rock rails. The eight-speed automatic transmission has specific programming for fast off-roading, while the rear axle uses an electronically locking Dynatrac Pro 60 differential. The front axles have been modified, too, to accommodate new suspension and a wider track.

Up front, custom suspension control arms help provide more than 13 inches of suspension travel, versus nine inches on a regular Ram Rebel, with adjustable coil-over shocks with external reservoirs providing damping. In back, Ram hasn’t modified any of the multilink suspension mounting points, but still managed to increase wheel travel from 9.25 to 13 inches, thanks in part to 2.5-inch thick bypass shocks and performance springs. Baer six-piston calipers grab 15-inch brake rotors in front and 14-inch rotors in the rear.

Suspension upgrades won’t do anything without an appropriate tire, so the Ram Rebel TRX concept rolls on special 37-inch off-road rubber wrapped around bead-lock wheels; the concept comes with two spare wheels and tires mounted in a special carrier in the bed, with tools and a jack stored in a lockable bed compartment. Who needs an CAA membership?

Ram Rebel TRX Concept
Ram Rebel TRX Concept
Ram Rebel TRX Concept
Ram Rebel TRX Concept

Most of the truck’s visual upgrades are functional. The new grille, for instance, provides more breathing capacity for the engine. The composite flared fenders were necessitated by the six-inch increase in the truck’s track width, while auxiliary LED lighting helps with night visibility. The taller hood from a Ram Heavy Duty was needed to fit over the engine’s supercharger, and a steel front skid plate helps protect the truck on trails. Both rows of seats benefit from six-point harnesses to keep occupants in place during wild jumps and whoops off the beaten track.

Other interior tweaks include the addition of the steering wheel from a Viper, various new red accents, a GoPro action-camera mount near the rear-view mirror, and nylon “Release” straps instead of traditional door handles.

So, will you see the Rebel TRX at your local dealership? It’s too soon to say, but Ram does promise that launching this concept is intended to judge customer interest and the engineering feasibility of “an extreme performance half-ton pickup truck.” With cross-town rivals Ford launching a new F-150 Raptor, it seems like the time is right for Ram to get in on the high-speed off-roading action.


Source: Ram

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