Just when you thought an engine fire video couldn't get any better, it does.

The struggle for any new or emerging motorsport is to get that credibility stamp from the mainstream. While it often takes decades to arrive on the scene, drifting ignited quickly in the early 2000's and has attracted legions of participants for ease of entry into competition ever since. But as we see from this drifting video taken at Topp Drift Hallow Bash 2016 event on October 1-2, a few things can be learned about how to safely conduct yourself and an event in general.

Held at Shannonville Motorsports Park not far from Kingston, Ontario, the Topp Drift Hallow Bash event was one of the last on the schedule for 2016. The event was well attended as drift missiles from all over Ontario and Quebec showed up to get sideways and put on a show. Although there were lots of on-track spectacles to be seen, it was the off-track antics of drifter Zack Martin who was piloting a V8-swapped Chevrolet S-10 pickup that blew the motor while on the Shannonville circuit.

The Chevy motor threw a rod outside the block and was spraying oil on hot components which ignited as Martin limped the compact pickup into the pits. While bystanders were trying to signal the driver, he seemed unaware of the flames inside the engine bay. 

drift truck fire video shannonville

According to the YouTube description: "Zach [Martin] knew he blew his motor but didn't know about the fire. Out of frustration of swapping the motor & transmission the day before just to have it blow up again Zach body slammed his hood that had blew open & ripped off the hinges moments before the fire."

That's not an exaggeration, you'll see in the video that Martin did nothing to address the fire at first but instead calmly walks around the rear of the truck bed. He climbs onto the roof and proceeds to do a flying Hulk Hogan-style leg drop onto the hood of the truck. Oh, it gets better, much better when Martin finally realizes what witnesses are yelling at him regarding the fire in the engine bay. Martin then proceeds to rip off the hood of the vehicle in a feat of Herculean strength in the face of danger.

We're just glad everyone is okay and no (nicer) cars were damaged in the process. Well that and the fact Clipping Point Media captured it from a great angle with a steady hand in non-vertical video format.

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