Held every year in Ocean City, Maryland, the 2016 event mayhem did not disappoint.

Oh the H2Oi show and the vehicular antics it attracts never fail to amaze. Held every year in Ocean City, Maryland, the H2O International event attracts custom car owners from all over and surely police were tripping over themselves to be on-shift during the weekend of October 1-2, 2016, purely for entertainment. Yes, we have all seen the totally-not-street-legal cars, the brawls, the destruction of property all caught on video in the past but this latest video starring a Nissan 240 SX doing a burnout has all the right moves to make it a viral hit.

Crowds gather along the strip in Ocean City to heckle drivers to do the kind of driving moves contrary to traffic laws like: burnouts, drifts, J-turns and even worse on public roads. And sure enough, a janky mid-1990s Nissan 240SX takes the bait and pulls up in front of the impromptu video and photography session with iPhone and Android devices. After a bystander attempts to spray some water on the rear tires of the 240SX (and fails), the driver lights them up for a smoke show.

Powered by what sounds like a tired KA24 inline-4 motor, the rough, 20+ year old Nissan S14 chassis spins up the rear tires. As the video pans to the rear tire, we smirked at all of the rust bubbles poking through the rear quarter panel but it's the actions of the driver that gets us. 


Nissan 240SX burnout dance video h2o


The driver, identified of James Hoffa (A.K.A. @Hoffaaintdead on Instagram) breaks out into what can be described as the most stereotypical "white-guy" dance with no hands seen on the steering wheel in case the dumped 240SX all of a sudden hooks up and is possibly pointed at the crowds. 

Fast forward through the video a bit and in the smoke you can see hits of alternating blue and red lights. We all know what that means... and so does the 240SX driver who appears to scurry down the street. The driver allegedly received a $70 USD ticket for said burnout (or bad dance moves), which although entertaining was dangerous.

Hoffa should definitely consider himself lucky with such a light fine. In Ontario for example, this vehicle would be subject to immediate seizure under stunting laws and win or lose in court, drivers are still on the hook for towing and impound fees for a mandatory seven days.

Video: Corey Brown on Facebook 

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