Arne Toman of AMS Alpha fame and his former Sales Manager create exclusive event for World's fastest Nissan GT-Rs

Building a list of accomplishments in the motorsport world takes many factors, persistence being way up there on the priority list. The crew over at Chicago-based AMS Performance definitely did not rest in pursuing goals with every platform they built and tuned. While popular chassis came and went, AMS went all-in on their Alpha GT-R program, spawning a new line for the company, Alpha Performance that offers a variety of upgrades and even entire packages that are perfectly orchestrated to destroy any supercar near them. Now the focus for two key AMS members has shifted towards racing event and promotion to form the GT-R World Cup.

AMS co-founder Arne Toman and his former Sales Manager, Eric Gaudi were much of the driving force behind putting AMS and their Alpha Performance brands on the map. Sure AMS redefined many of the benchmarks for Diamond Star Motors (Eclipse and Talon) and later the Mitsubishi EVO VII when it came Stateside but they are internationally recognized for their Alpha GT-Rs based on the R35 Nissan GT-R.

Since 2010, AMS Alpha GT-Rs have been doing damage on the strips, circuits and streets around the world. It's a regular occurrence for AMS Alpha-tuned R35 GT-Rs to reset quickest and fastest numbers up the 1320 making many other GT-R tuners perpetually playing catch-up.

But it wasn't only on the drag strip that the range of Alpha 10 to Alpha 16 GT-R packages were dominating, the Alpha GT-Rs outran competitors on the time attack circuit, in road racing, standing mile and top speed events as well. It seemed Toman and Gaudi were in a position where not much more could be accomplished with their 2000+ horsepower motors inside the R35 GT-R, well, until they came up with a fresh idea.


GT-R World Cup
GT-R World Cup
GT-R World Cup


The plan was develop an exclusive racing event with an all-R35 GT-R focus. Named the GT-R World Cup, the event is in the first stages to become the premier, approved application-only GT-R showdown the world has been waiting for.

The GT-R World Cup event will be different from anything we might expect. First, the event will be limited to only 75 participants selected from the quickest and fastest GT-R applications. Unfortunately, no legacy GT-Rs will be included, so dreams of seeing RHD battles between the R32, R33 and R34 on U.S. soil are not going to happen (for now at least). And here is the kicker, even if you wanted to be a spectator, the track will only be open to owners, drivers, teams, and (we hope) the media.

"Our clients asked for something more intimate to compliment the big and widely attended events that exist," says Gaudi. "GWC was started to give the racers a quiet, upscale and intimate venue to focus on nothing more than the racing and spending time with their competitors. No spectators, no outside cars. Just GT-R’s and their close friends battling it out for healthy payouts in relaxed and focused environment," he added.

GT-R World Cup


The first GT-R World Cup will be held at the Palm Beach International Raceway near West Palm Beach, Florida. The February 2017 event aims to add a VIP-angle including highlights like 5-star accommodations, exclusive parties, swanky gift bags, full catering at the track in an all-inclusive format. But the real draw will be the payouts (USD) for the competitors with a $10,000 first prize, $2,500 second price and third place getting $1,000 for their effort. A special bonus will be awarded for any new 1/4-mile times set and there is also a random draw for a $12,000 Rolex watch but we suspect many owners will show up with one, or an even better timepiece before the race. 

Limited to only three classes, the GT-R World Cup aims to simplify the structure and maintain focus on the driving experience and smashing of records. The class break-down is as follows: Stock Manifold & Turbo, Stock Location Turbos and the Unlimited Class that will attract the most insane GT-Rs from around the globe.


Source: GT-R World Cup

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