Looking for rare? Look no further, this lovely Lotus Exige S 260 Sport is just one of three imported into North America.

The Lotus Exige hit the scene in 2000, and was immediately praised by enthusiasts for its eager attitude towards cornering. Quarter mile monster it wasn’t, the Exige’s entire performance portfolio was based almost exclusively on weight savings.

But in 2009, Lotus thought it might be a good idea to shove a bit more power into the four-cylinder engine of the standard Exige; upping the output from 190 horsepower in its base form, to now 257 horsepower with the equipped S 260 Sport pacakge. That new power would rocket the Exige from 0-60 miles per hour in just 4.0 seconds thanks to a curb weight of just 916 kilograms (2,020 pounds).

Only an exclusive number of these high-horsepower examples were ever built, each one retailing at exactly $74,995 USD brand new (about $99,000 CAD). Even more exclusive to North America, only three Exige S 260 Sports were ever imported — and this is one of those three. It’s for sale on eBay at this moment with a ‘Buy It Now’ price of $92,231 ($121,990 CAD).

Aside from power, what gives this Exige an edge over its stock sibling is its looks. The exterior gains new aerodynamics, including front and rear carbon fiber diffusers and a hefty rear wing. Even with these go-fast add ons, the S 260 is 25.8 kilograms (57 pounds) lighter than the stock version.

Inside, only some minor changes have been made. Updated cues like “260” logo embroidered red seats distinguish this model from the base version, as does the addition of Alcantara on the dashboard.

This one has just 4,820 miles (7,757 kilometres) to its name, and was purchased by the current owner (Gator Motorsport) from a private collection in February. With fresh fluids, a new set of tires, and an original paint job, this lovely Lotus is in need of a new home.


Photos: Gator Motorsport/Matthew Picard

Source: eBay

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