Using a small model car and clever camera work, photographer creates a series of images of the Audi R8 that are commercial worthy.

Mexican photographer Felix Hernandez is known for his work in miniatures. He’s particularly apt at blurring lines between reality and fiction through what he calls “photo art." While many modern photographers do all their magic in post-production using tools like Adobe Photoshop, Hernandez works as much detail and illusion as possible during camera capture before moving over to his digital toolbox.

Audi R8 scale model photo shoot
Audi R8 scale model photo shoot

The finished Audi R8 images you see here are the results of countless hours of creating handmade props, backdrops, and carefully staging scenes with an Audi scale model. These resulting images are not just breathtaking, but so perfectly blend real and illusion it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

His props are simple: flour, sand, rocks, cigarette smoke, and imagination bring it all together. Images are captured with a DSLR on a tripod, a macro lens and a combination of artificial and natural lighting. He employs a photography technique known as "focus stacking," which takes multiple captures of the same scene at various focal lengths to create a single image in perfect focus.

“Photography and digital art just gave me the ability to bring alive those scenes that I’ve had inside my mind ever since I was a kid,” says Hernandez.

Creating advertising-quality images of a $184,000 R8 supercar without actually using the car may not be a first in our modern world full of digital illusion. However, doing that while creating imagery that evokes emotion and imagination is not something we’ve seen before.

Hernandez adds, "In the end, my small scale photography is just a mix of playing and technical photography. The hardest part lies in our minds and in our hearts — staying childish, foolish, and dreamy."

Check the video below for a behind the scenes look at how Hernandez created another model car image. This one, titled "Love Car," was created using a scale model vintage Fiat 500 and his signature blend of clever props and camera illusion at time of capture, and was finished within Photoshop.



Photos: Felix Hernandez via Facebook

Source: PetaPixel, PetaPixel (2)

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