The sharp-looking coupe has arrived at SEMA with some subtle body changes and several mechanical upgrades.

The LC is arguably one of the prettiest coupes out there right now, but Lexus has teamed up with Gordon Ting/Beyond Marketing to try and make it even more beautiful. Unveiled today at SEMA, the “world’s first customized LC 500” features a slightly more aggressive body taking inspiration from race cars. While this may seem like an easy job to do, Lexus says development actually kicked off around 12 months before the LC’s debut as a production model. As a matter of fact, work began with an early development prototype.

With fender flares, beefier side skirts, rear ear wing, and prominent diffusers, the customized LC 500 brings a racy look without ruining the sharpness of the original design. The bold look is enhanced by a fresh set of 22-inch HRE wheels featuring a satin charcoal finish and wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Nero tires. Behind the massive alloys reside Brembo brake calipers colour-coordinated with the new wheels.

Custom Lexus LC 500
Custom Lexus LC 500
Custom Lexus LC 500
Custom Lexus LC 500

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Photos of the cabin have not been provided just yet, but Lexus says the modified LC 500 has a GT3-spec interior with a safety cage and body-hugging Sparco seats dipped in carbon fibre.

But the most important change has occurred underneath the hood where the naturally-aspirated 5.0-litre V8 of the standard car has been modified by Club DSPORT. In charge of the project was Magnus Ohlaker putting to good use his extensive 20-year experience in building engines for Formula 1 and IndyCar.

Displacement has been bumped to 5.6 litres and the cylinder bore has been enlarged as well to squeeze more power. The stock engine pushes out 471 hp, but this stronger version delivers an extra 54 hp for a grand total of 525 hp. If that’s not impressive enough, Lexus says the modified engine can actually develop more than double the stock power, so 942+ hp is technically possible to extract from the 2UR-GSE engine.

As for the regular 2017 LC 500, Lexus mentions it will have it on sale in Canada starting in the spring.

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Source: Lexus

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