A photo round-up of truck and off-road culture to the extremes all in one place.

At one time, the truck and off-road hall was a sleepy place where Bushwacker and Lund showed off their latest wares. A place where new comers (at the time) Nissan and Toyota didn’t have enough seniority to be in one of the coveted halls but were sent to the "attic" of the busy Wheel and Tire Hall.

Those days are over.

The Truck and Off-road Hall has exploded into a heavily trafficed spot that is a must-see for SEMA Show attendees. Trucks and Jeeps of all kinds litter the hall from lifted monster trucks to subdued camping rigs and even slammed trucks - ‘cause that’s still a thing. And then there is the power sports content spread around the hall too. Not that there are motorcycles and ATVs but there are loads of 4-seat Utility Task Vehicles (UTV) from Yamaha, Polaris, Bombardier, and more in outrageous states of customization.

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Alright, enough talk, dive into the Truck and Off-road Hall experience and we’ll guarantee even if this isn’t necessarily your thing, there will be ridiculous trucks and Jeeps in there that will make you stare in disbelief.

 Nathan Leach-Proffer, Dave Pankew / Motor1

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