We managed to capture the best of the Wheel and Tire Hall and pulled out all of the photo highlights.

As the fan favourite, the Wheel and Tire Hall delivered once again for the 2016 SEMA Show. With several hundred thousand square feet of show floor, the area was packed with the latest wheel designs, performance tires, off-road rolling gear, and accessories. The merchandise is laid out in elaborate booths with trademark SEMA-style, but the real draw here are the unique: luxury, exotic, and classic cars scattered about with all the in between spaces filled by people with smartphone cameras in hand.

We managed to capture the best of the Wheel and Tire Hall and pulled out all of the highlights for you. And there were many stand-outs including the usual suspects like Giovanna, Pirelli, Forgiato and DUB along with upstarts like Forgestar and Vorsteiner.

As you enter the hall you are greeted by Pirelli, which had a modified Porsche, Ferrari LaFerrari and the K-Pax Racing McLaren GT3 on display all wearing the latest rubber. Giovanna stepped it up with their luxury and exotic cars on display in an unusual but effective black-and-white theme. But it was a couple of the younger players that made waves like Forgestar with their widebody Rocket Bunny Porsche Boxster and the widebody RWB Porsche 964. Vorsteiner brought out a huge variety of their new wheel line-up with some being worn by a McLaren 570S and a Ferrari 458 Speciale

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 Nathan Leach-Proffer, Dave Pankew / Motor1

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