With a huge list of contestants and new classes, picking a winner was no easy task.

One of the newer additions to the SEMA Show is the Battle of the Builders award where the show floor is scoured for the finest custom cars. For 2016 there were a few new classes and the field was absolutely massive making it exceedingly challenging to trim down to finalists and even harder to pick a winner. While decisions of the judges are never shared unanimously by the crowd, it seemed like everyone was mostly in agreement with the final three revealed during the SEMA Ignited Show held after the main event.

Staring with 260 cars, the difficult task of trimming down to 21 vehicles took a couple days to complete. But then it came down to only 10 and during the final day it was only three custom cars left that were built over many years of sweat and dedication. The final three builders were named as: Jesse Greening with his sleek 1961 Chevrolet two-door bubble top sedan, Cam Miller with a completely resto-modded 1969 Chevrolet Camaro and finally a familiar face who has been up on the Battle of the Builders podium before, Kyle Tucker with a blacked out 1941 Willy Coupe.

The audience was in suspense and made their enthusiasm known that the 1961 Chevy was indeed the favorite to win, a creation with an eight year build history. However, it wasn't meant to be as new-comer Cam Miller scooped the award with his 1969 Chevrolet Camaro resto-mod build that was absolutely flawless from every angle. The 40 year old builder dedicated three years of his life to complete this custom Camaro creation and for the final year had all hands on deck at his shop dedicated to the Camaro.

Miller's shop, HS Customs based in the the sleepy town of Logan, Utah is most certainly on the map now. With Miller awarded first place, it was Greening's 1961 Chevrolet bubble-top scoring runner-up position and Tucker's 1941 Willys taking third. For a complete list and photos of finalists be sure to check out the SEMA site.

We look forward to see who will take the crown next year as the bar has been set quite high by the '69 Camaro for 2016.


Photos: Dave Pankew / Motor1





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