EKanoo Racing's stock chassis GT-R has turned in a 7.168 second pass on quarter-mile.

What we have here is nothing less than the quickest stock chassis Nissan GT-R on the planet, which clocked a quarter-mile time of 7.168 seconds and 209.05 miles per hour (336.44 kilometres per hour) at a recent round of the Bahrain Drag Racing Championship.

That’s a low seven-second pass in a car that has merely been modified, not built from the ground-up. And could probably have been driven home afterwards with a set of treaded tires. It’s a pretty astonishing achievement.

The GT-R is run by Bahraini outfit EKanoo Racing, whose stable of Japanese and German machines could give any American drag racing team a run for its money. Their stock chassis Toyota Supra is the fastest in the world, turning in a time of 6.57 seconds, and their “Pro Import” Toyota GT86 funny car can run a 5.85 quarter on a four-cylinder engine.

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With an engine built by drag racing specialist Magnus Motorsports, and a chassis put together by Josh Ledford of Late Model Racing, EKanoo’s GT-R features a laundry list of the best racing components. We can only guess how much power the twin-turbo V6 engine produces, but it must be pushing 2,000 horsepower, if not more.

According to EKanoo there is more to come from the GT-R - this was actually its first run after a comprehensive rebuild. Once it’s fully dialed in it should easily clock a six second pass. There might be some work to do on the chassis, too, as this pass looks like it was a pretty wild ride. Or it could simply be that the driver struggled to come to terms with the power first time out.

It seems the fastest road-legal drag car on the planet is Jeff Lutz' Chevrolet Camaro, which set a time of 5.87 seconds at 251 mph (404 km/h) during this year's Hot Rod Drag Week.


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