McLaren shrinks down the P1 to give younger drivers a chance at piloting the hypercar.

Rumorus suggest that McLaren is developing an electric sports car that’s smaller than the P1, and here it is – at least for drivers between the ages of three and six. The company revealed the P1 Ride-on Edition in September but has now released a teaser video showing the hypercar for tots on the track at the Goodwood Motor Circuit.

At 375 pounds (approx. $630 CAD), the little hypercar isn’t cheap, but it’s sure to make the young driver the coolest kid on the block. The child can even make a suave entrance by opening the dihedral doors. Little tykes with one of these also have the bragging rights of being the only customers with an open-roof P1.

The P1 Ride-on Edition reaches it’s top speed of five kilometres per hour (three miles per hour) in two seconds, which means the toy achieves its maximum velocity quicker than the 350 km/h (217 mph) hypercar. The kid can even shift through three forward gears, and there’s reverse for early practice at performing J-turns.

McLaren P1 ride on
McLaren P1 ride on
McLaren P1 ride on

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The one-seat cabin includes an MP3 player and stereo that lets the young driver enjoy some tunes while cruising around the neighborhood. McLaren even pre-programs the system with “every popular nursery rhyme.”

The P1 Ride-on will be available at McLaren dealers first, just like the brand’s full-sized products. They will all come in Volcano Yellow. Unfortunately, kids in the United States or Canada can’t look forward to unwrapping the little hypercar for the holidays this year. A McLaren spokesperson previously told Motor1 that the toy wouldn’t arrive in the U.S. until the first quarter of 2017, but the price should be similar as in the United Kingdom.

Source: McLaren

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