The clue is in the title - 'Projection of Greatness'.

This commercial for the latest Audi Q7 looks like is created almost entirely using computer generated imagery. But it was, in fact, made entirely on location.

That's right: the complex reflections, patterns, colours, and diagrams were all captured live, halfway up a freezing cold mountain in Canada.

The clue is in the title given to the spot: Projection of Greatness. The effects were all created using high-intensity projectors.

A series of 20,000 lumen projectors, err, projected the images onto the snow on the ground and even in the air. The cameras then captured those images, as well as the car itself.


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Fortress Mountain in Canada was the chosen location, which stands 7,500 feet (2,286 metres) above sea level. Temperatures dropped as low as minus -25 degrees Celsius (13 degrees Fahrenheit) during the shoot.

In the United States and Canada, the Q7 comes with a 3.0-litre, supercharged V6 motor pumping out 333 horsepower, enough for a 0-60 miles per hour (0-96 kilometres per hour) time of just 5.7 seconds. The power is harnessed by an eight-speed automatic gearbox and Quattro all-wheel drive. Just what you need for driving up a snow-covered mountain.

Elsewhere in the world, there's 3.0-litre, six-cylinder turbo diesel in a range of outputs. And there's the monstrous SQ7, which hides a 4.0-litre V8 diesel under its hood that churns out a whopping 435 hp and 664 pound-feet of torque. It's so good, it was deemed worthy of the Bentley Bentayga, which becomes the first oil-burning Bentley in the company's 97-year history when it goes on sale next year.

Watch how the ad was made below.



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