One rendering artist went to work on creating a more hardcore Chiron.

With an 8.0-litre W16 under the hood, 1,479 horsepower at the driver’s disposal, and a limited top speed of around 420 kilometres per hour, it’s hard to imagine an even more powerful variant of the already potent Bugatti Chiron. But lo and behold, the internet has gone and given us said proposed hardcore hypercar – at least in rendering form.

Digital artist Theophilus Chin previews a more potent Bugatti Chiron SuperSport (SS) in his latest rendering. Like the Veyron SS it would hypothetically replace, the Chiron SS would have even more ludicrous styling that would include a more defined fascia, side skirts, a more aerodynamic hood, and a monstrous rear wing. 

While the Veyron SS was able to squeeze an extra 184 horsepower out from under the hood – bringing the total output to 1,184 horsepower – we would assume the Chiron would follow a similar, more powerful path. A figure north of over 1,500 horsepower wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility.

As far as price and exclusivity are concerned, the proposed Chiron SS would likely start at around $4M USD (about $5.3M CAD), building on the $2.73M ($3.6M CAD) you’ll be dishing out for a base Chiron. But it will be limited – at most 30 examples will be available world wide, just enough to meet Guinness World Record validation for a production car.


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Of course, it’s all just hearsay and speculation at this point. Bugatti has yet to confirm (or even acknowledge) the possibility of a more powerful SS version. But with handsome renderings like this for us to look at, we can at least dream...

Source: Theophilus Chin


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