You'll feel like you're floating over the road when sitting in one of these chairs.

Where companies like BMW and Bosch are imagining the automotive cabin of the future at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, but Bose is focusing its resources on creating the perfect seat for the next-generation of vehicles. The firm’s Bose Ride suspension seat would provide a smoother ride in autonomous vehicles.

The Bose Ride seats use internal mechanisms to minimize an occupant’s movement, including isolating out road vibrations and other unwanted motion. The company claims that the innovative chairs make the ride more comfortable, and it would be easier to work from an autonomous vehicle.

Bose Ride Seat

“If there are cars, there are roads. And there simply is no other system that makes a ride -- any ride -- as smooth as Bose,” Marc Mansell, vice president of Bose Automotive Systems, said during the company’s presentation.

The system on display at CES is actually the latest version of the existing Bose Ride tech. The company first introduced a single-axis solution for heavy-duty trucks in 2010 that counteracted shaking and bumps in the cab. Bose has now worked out multi-axis control for the seat for even greater isolation from the road. The company has also decided the show was the right time to begin pushing Bose Ride into passenger cars.

Being completely isolated from the road is probably not an idea that appeals many enthusiastic drivers, but Bose is aiming this tech at luxury vehicles, particularly self-driving ones. If the seats’ control works as advertised then it could make being in a Bentley or Rolls-Royce even more comfy.

Bose is best known for its sound equipment, and the company has the next-gen of tech at CES, too. For example, Bose Aware uses speakers in the seats to give drivers vehicle alerts, safety prompts, navigation signals and incoming phone calls. The cues broadcast from appropriate area so a left-turn notification goes into the driver’s left ear.


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