The next-generation smart key would know a person's preferences and adjust the seats, radio, and navigation accordingly.

Volkswagen is showing the future of cabin personalization at its booth at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. The company wants vehicles to recognize the people that drive them and immediately adapt to each person’s preferences. Augmented reality could make motoring safer, too.

Volkswagen believes that the automotive cockpit of the future uses 3D screens. By placing two displays with one behind the other, users see digital images with the illusion of depth. Eye tracking would also tell the computers where the person is looking and always move the data in front of their eyes. The most relevant information would appear closer to the driver, and less vital details would seem farther away.

Volkswagen at CES 2017

A live demonstration at CES is letting attendees download an app and create a personalized Volkswagen User-ID. After making selections in the software and at the booth's stations, people sit in a simulated connected car cockpit, and the system implements the settings. VW sees this tech as an extension of the Digital Key that lets people use a smartphone to get into the vehicle. Eventually, the current system would also be able to better adapt to an individual’s desires.

Volkswagen at CES 2017

The vehicle’s computer would also act as a personal assistant by supporting the Amazon Alexa Voice Service. Users can use speak commands prompts to schedule appointments, get directions, or even request it to resume an audio book from the same place as at home. 

According to VW, this tech will eventually migrate to the production version of the ID Concept that will arrive in 2020. The Digital Key will remember a person’s preferred seat location, favourite radio stations, and navigation preferences. The augmented reality display with eye tracking will also be available on it. The company will add autonomous capability to the Golf-sized vehicle in 2025, too.


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Source: Volkswagen

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