Data used is sourced from Google.

Based on data provided by U.K. car parts retailer Quickco, we have a map showing the most Googled car brands worldwide last year. It’s important to note the data used here is sourced from Google, but that’s not always the primary search engine in countries like China, Russia, and North Korea.

Let’s start with South America. Honda was the most popular brand in Brazil, while Chevrolet topped the charts in Argentina. Venezuela and Bolivia seem to love Toyota, while Peru and Paraguay are obsessed with Hyundai.

Interestingly, the data from Quickco shows one important difference compared to the previous Google analysis. The British company says the most searched brand in the United States was Toyota, while, as we already mentioned, Google claims this is Honda. Anyway, these two brands are totally dominating North America, as Honda also grabs the title in Canada.

Volkswagen logo
Toyota logo
BMW Logo

Europe, the homeland of many major automakers. BMW was predominantly the most searched auto brand on the Old Continent, winning in Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Bulgaria. Unsurprisingly, Renault was quite popular in France and Turkey, Volvo in Sweden, and Fiat in Italy. But where’s Volkswagen? It was the most searched brand in Spain, Romania, Belarus, and Estonia.

While most of the African countries appear to be interested in Toyota, Niger is the country that stands out from the rest because it likes Bugatti the most. As expected, Asia is mostly searching for Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai with the latter occupying the search engines of Russia.

Source: Quickco via Paultan

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