Black and yellow, black and yellow.

At the Geneva Motor Show in March, BMW will announce two colorful additions to its i8 range. The i8 Protonic Frozen Black Edition, and the i8 Protonic Frozen Yellow edition will both make their debuts – bringing the total number of i8 colour options to 12, up from the original four that were introduced with the car new.

The i8 Protonic Frozen Black Edition will come with a custom exterior black finish (obviously), and a number of bespoke options on the interior. The Protonic Frozen Yellow, meanwhile, will feature a custom yellow exterior, as well as some of the same unique additions to the cabin.

BMW i8 Frozen Black and Yellow
BMW i8 Frozen Black and Yellow

The two new colours will add on to the already wide array of options available to i8 buyers which also includes Protonic Blue.

No matter what color you do decide upon for your i8, you'll still get loads of performance to go along with it. Under the hood, the 1.5-litre three-cylinder hybrid engine is good for 357 horsepower (266 kilowatts) and 420 pound-feet of torque. The i8 also achieves 8.3 litres per 100 kilometres and has an estimated range of 24 kilometres (15 miles) on pure battery power.

BMW i8 Frozen Black and Yellow

But get them while they're hot – I mean, cold. These special editions will undoubtedly be limited to just a few hundred examples. Though BMW hasn’t announced how much the frozen i8s will set back buyers, the base i8 starts at $149,800. As a reminder, BMW sold 3,752 units of its i8 sports car in 2016.


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