BMW's smallest M model caught getting ready for a nip and tuck.

The M2 still feels relatively fresh considering it was unveiled a little over two years ago, but it seems BMW is already preparing some changes. If the coupe’s facelift is going to be anything like the one its bigger brother – the M4 – has received, you’ll have a hard time at spotting the novelties. That seems to be the case if we were to rely on what these spy shots are suggesting.

It’s a U.S.-spec test vehicle judging by the orange side markers on the camouflaged front bumper, and it’s also wearing a disguise on and around the headlights. There’s more psychedelic camo at the back on the diffuser as well as around the taillights, which seem to be hiding different graphics behind a semi-transparent tape.

2018 BMW M2 facelift spy photo
2018 BMW M2 facelift spy photo

The M2 is expected to soldier on with its 365 horsepower and 343 pound-feet of torque, but rumour has it a hardcore CS version will join the party with the M4’s engine. It won’t have the full 425 hp as it is believed BMW’s engineers are going to install a detuned version of the biturbo S55 3.0-litre with approximately 400 hp.

The M2 CS will bring more than just an engine transplant since it is expected to host an assortment of other upgrades over the regular model. These include a set of beefier brakes to match the stronger straight-six unit, along with a more aggressive body and a new set of wheels. Some enhancements inside the cabin are also in the offing to justify what will likely be a sizeable premium. A weight loss is also rumoured, although it won’t be as drastic as it was in the case of the M4 GTS that shaved off about 176 pounds (80 kilograms) over the standard coupe.

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BMW will probably unveil the facelifted M2 together with the other lesser 2 Series models like it did with the 4 Series / M4. These should arrive later this year, with the M2 CS cherry on top slated for a 2018 launch presumably as a limited-run special edition.

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