The giant diorama presents the past and future of VW's family haulers – in Lego form.

Volkswagen arrives at the Chicago Auto Show not with new vehicle but instead with over 20,000 Lego bricks. A diorama featuring scale models of the upcoming Atlas crossover and famous Microbus in a miniature cityscape. The display measuring 60.96 centimetres by 107 centimetres (2 feet by 3.5) feet is supposed to communicate the evolution of VW’s family haulers over the decades.

VW Lego Diorama

We look forward to seeing this diorama in the Windy City to get a better idea of its scale, but the models looks great in the automaker’s official photos. The two-tone body and metallic hubcaps for the Microbus are especially cool touches. However, the Atlas’ monochromatic white body doesn’t do much to highlight the new crossover’s design.

VW Lego Diorama

If you’re looking to build your own vintage VW, then Lego is happy to sell you one. The company offers a 1,334-piece model of a 1962 Volkswagen T1 Camper for $119.99 USD. At 30 cm (11.8 inches) long, it’s quite an impressive kit when completed. The company’s 1,167-piece classic Beetle is equally cool and even comes with a surfboard and picnic set. The 29 cm (11-inch) long model would probably look great sitting next to the T1, too.

In the future, you might be able to add the original iteration of the GTI to your Lego collection of Volkswagens. The kit turned up on Lego Ideas in October 2016 and already garnered the 10,000 supporters for the company’s review board to consider putting the model of the classic hot hatch into production. The creator’s photos also shows that the 1,278-piece replica is roughly to scale with the Beetle, so they should look great together.

Motor1 has a team in the Windy City covering the Chicago Auto Show. Look for plenty of live photos and stories from there. You can keep an eye on it all from our hub page for the event.


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