With room for up to eight people inside, this behemoth might be able to haul your family and the one next door.

The 2018 Ford Expedition arrives at the Chicago Auto Show with a bigger footprint, lots more amenities, and additional power. Plus, the Blue Oval incorporates all of these updates while slicing 300 pounds (136 kilograms) off the new model thanks to an aluminum body and lighter frame.

2018 Ford Expedition: Chicago 2017

The Expedition features a revised front end with a new mesh grille that evokes the top-spec Explorer in Platinum trim. The bracket-shaped headlights a take cue from the company’s pickups, too. Ample chrome also makes the nose shine. While the face borrows elements from other vehicles in the Blue Oval stable, the smooth-sided, boxy shape behind the A-pillar reminds us of the latest Chevrolet Tahoe.

The 2018 Expedition is only available with a 3.5-litre EcoBoost biturbo V6 with stop-start and a 10-speed automatic transmission. Ford won’t release specs yet, but the powertrain will allegedly make more power than the current 365 horsepower. It’ll also be able to tow more. Buyers can pick between rear- and four-wheel drive.

2018 Ford Expedition: Chicago 2017

There should be plenty of room for as many as eight passengers inside because the standard Expedition is now four inches (102 millimetres) longer, including three inches (76 mm) more wheelbase. If buyers need even more space, the Expedition Max is another inch (25 mm) longer overall. Ford reportedly doubled the model’s cabin storage space, and seventeen cupholders mean that everyone should remain well hydrated. A new fold-out shelf in the rear cargo area also provides two tiers of storage back there when necessary.

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The octet of occupants should have quite a pleasant ride in the new Expedition. The massive SUV is available with six USB pots, wireless phone charging, in-car WiFi, and a dual-screen entertainment system. All those toys should provide plenty of distraction until the family gets to grandma’s house.

2018 Ford Expedition: Chicago 2017

The 2018 Expedition will go on sale in the fall. Ford will reveal important specs like the price, horsepower, and tow rating closer to them arriving in dealers. Until then, check out this gallery of the big SUV in Chicago, and see all the other fascinating vehicles at the Windy City show from our event page.

Source: Ford

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