A "swing loader" crane was brought in to extract the Outlander, which was wedged in and clearly couldn't be driven away.

We don't know what it is with Toronto drivers abandoning their vehicles on public transportation tracks, but for the sake of inconvenienced commuters everywhere, we hope these drivers get their act together and stop ending up where they aren't supposed to.

A driver of a Mitsubishi Outlander drove their vehicle into a tunnel at Toronto's Union Station at around 4:00 AM this morning, and after realizing their mistake, left on foot, abandoning the vehicle where it was. It was less than a year ago that a Honda Civic driver did something very similar.

As a result, Toronto's public transportation agency, the TTC, had to turn all vehicles away at Union Station, which is a massive transportation hub in the heart of Toronto.


TTC spokesperson Brad Ross confirmed the incident on Twitter, adding that "this will take some time to clear." Hopefully things will be good to go for the afternoon rush hour.

For those who haven't been to Toronto, the city employs a large system of streetcar tracks embedded into roads. Unlike a roadgoing bus that other cars can drive around if it breaks down, blocking streetcar tracks in this way causes a lot more headaches, and presumably requires more time to fix.

More bad drivers:

Downtown Toronto can get plenty busy with traffic, and admittedly, things can be pretty confusing to someone who hasn't driven before in the city. That said, there are all sorts of signs warning drivers about streetcar-only paths and entrances/exits. As long as you're paying attention, these kinds of incidents should not be happening. According to Ross, though, the driver said he was following his GPS.

Besides which, we're not sure what drivers are thinking by abandoning their vehicles. Sure, it's embarrassing (really, really embarrassing), but we're guessing that fleeing will only result in charges from the police.

A "swing loader" crane was brought in to extract the Outlander, which was wedged in and clearly couldn't be driven away.


Not that we blame the TTC for events like this, but we're thinking the transportation agency will be updating its signage at some point. Our suggestion? "USE COMMON SENSE."

Photo courtesy Brad Ross on Twitter



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