With a quilted cargo area and screen to see its owner, your pup would love riding in the back of this Nissan.

Dog owners know that a pooch’s needs and presumed desires rapidly become part of their human’s daily thought process, and for many people the pup’s preferences enter into the vehicle buying decision, too. Nissan is now imagining the ultimate dog-friendly hauler with its X-Trail 4Dogs concept that seriously pampers your pets.

Instead of the standard cargo area, this customized crossover has quilted upholstery for keeping a pup comfy. For especially needy pets (or owners), a two-way video feed connects the front occupants’ infotainment display with a 10-inch screen in the back, so both dog and owner can see each other.

Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs Concept

There’s no reason to worry about your pet in the back because there are dishes for food and water. To keep a dog secure, there’s a clip for a harness in the cargo area, too.

Some of the X-Trail 4Dogs concept’s coolest features aren’t immediately evident. For example, owners of larger dogs would probably find a lot of use for the hidden ramp that extends for giving a pup some help into the back. If your pooch gets dirty, a 360-degree shower can also unfurl from a drawer for rinsing off the animal. There’s even a hair dryer so your pet doesn’t make the cabin smell like wet fur.

Other than a badge with the outline of some dogs, this X-Trail looks identical to the standard crossover on the outside.

Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs Concept

Nissan isn’t putting the 4Dogs concept into production, but the company appears interested in offering more pet-friendly features in the future. The inspiration for appealing to dog owners for this new concept stemmed for a survey in the U.K. where 90 percent of respondents said they wanted a more utility for hauling their pooch.

Nissan isn’t the first automaker to see the possibilities of marketing to pet owners. In 2009, Honda revealed the Dog Friendly concept on the Element with a deployable ramp and other pooch-focused amenities. For the 2010 model year, the company actually put some of these features on the production model’s options list.

However, going after dog owners isn’t a new strategy for Nissan – at least in the United States. In the 1990's the company staged the Dogs Love Trucks ad campaign for its pickups, and the commercials were rather popular at the time. For a refresher, check out two of the spots below.




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