The aliens have landed.

Chinese company Techrules was at Monza recently to put the finishing touches on its supercar previewed last year by the AT96 and GT96 TREV concepts. The latest teaser images are showing a near-production prototype still wearing a full body camouflage to try and hide the futuristic shape with a “dramatic design” as described by the people behind the ambitious project.

The aerial view allows us to have a better look at that spectacular jet fighter-style canopy and also take a peek inside the cabin where there’s a centrally positioned driver’s seat. Responsible for the vehicle’s spectacular shape were none other than Giorgetto Giugiaro and his son, Fabrizio Giugiaro, so there are reasons enough to believe it will look the part once the disguise will come off.

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Techrules isn’t ready just yet to spill the beans about the technical specifications, but most likely the hardware will be carried over from the aforementioned concepts. The two showcars had no less than six electric motors, one at each front wheel and a pair for each rear wheel to grant a combined output of 1,030 horsepower and an insane amount of torque: 6,372 pound-feet.

A micro-turbine powered a generator to charge the lithium-manganese-oxide battery and achieve an electric-only range of 150 kilometres (93 miles). Factoring in the 80 litres of aviation kerosene, total range stood at 2000 km (1,242 miles).

Thanks to the Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle (TREV) powertrain, the AT96 and GT96 needed only two and a half seconds to complete the 0-100 kilometre per hour (0-62 mile per hour) task and reach a top speed electronically limited to 350 km/h (217 mph).

Even though it originates from China, the production version will actually be built in Turin, Italy starting with late 2017 by L.M. Gianetti, which was also responsible for the chassis development. Up to 25 units will be assembled each year, but there’s no word just yet about how much it will cost.

Full details should be disclosed next Tuesday when the car will premiere in production form at the Geneva Motor Show.

Source: Techrules

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