The company will deliver no more than five units per month.

Just a year after the official introduction of the Chiron, Bugatti is happy to report it has already received 250 orders for the hypercar. Most of the deals have been signed with no test drives, but this is about to change as the company will hold a global customer test event in the end of March .

Just like it was for the Veyron, the Chiron is bough mostly from European clients with 37 percent sales coming from the Old continent. It is followed by North America with 30 percent of orders the Middle East with 26 percent.

“The fact that we have already taken orders for half of the Chiron series even without test drives so far bears witness to the great confidence of our customers in our brand and its strong aura,” Wolfgang Dürheimer, President of Bugatti, commented.

At the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, Bugatti will celebrate the start of customer deliveries for the model. The first three examples are already on a journey to their new owners and another production unit will be exhibited in Switzerland. It will feature a new exposed carbon-fiber color called Bleu Royal.

More about the Bugatti Chiron:

The car is manufactured for a customer from the German-speaking region, who had spent a day at the company’s factory in France working on his own Chiron before it was finished. The interior of this Chiron is finished in a two-tone, blue leather, matching the exterior color. Speaking of colors, Bugatti is now offering a total of eight carbon hues for the Chiron: Black, Grey, Turquoise, Blue, Green, Brown, Red and the aforementioned Bleu Royal.

Bugatti Chiron in Bleu Royal
Bugatti Chiron in Bleu Royal
Bugatti Chiron in Bleu Royal

Bugatti says production will remain strictly limited to only 500 units. With 250 already sold, you still have a pretty good chance of buying one for at least $2.98 million (est.), but you will have to wait at least three years from now to receive your car. And if you can't wait that much or, more likely, don't have upwards of $2.98 million in your bank account, you can visit our friends at the Amalgam Collection, where a beautiful 1:8 collector's model of the new Chiron is available. This super detailed scale model is based on Bugatti's own CAD data and is inspected by specialists at the Molsheim factory before going on sale.

Source: Bugatti

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