Remember the doodles of supercars in your school notebooks? This Chinese automaker wants to make that fantasy into a reality.

Techrules is finally giving its turbine-electric Ren supercar an official debut at the Geneva Motor Show. If the model really lives up to the company’s giant promises, then the Chinese automaker’s first production model is an incredibly impressive machine.

The heart of the Ren is its high-tech hybrid powertrain. Depending on a buyer’s configuration, either one or two micro turbines generate electricity for a 25 kilowatt-hour battery. Customers can spec two, four, or six electric motors. The supercar produces 1,287 horsepower and 1,725 pound-feet of torque in the most powerful specification. In addition, Techrules claims the system offers an impressive 727-mile (1,170-kilometre) range from 21 gallons (80 litres) of diesel, based on the New European Driving Cycle.

The Ren’s design is every bit as wild as its turbine-electric powertrain. Famed automotive designer Giorgetto Giugiaro and his son Fabrizio pen a fighter-jet-inspired vehicle with a central cockpit that lifts upward on four electrically controlled struts.

Buyers can spec the Ren with space for a single occupant or cabin space for up to three people. An owner can also install different canopies in his or her garage to cover one or both passenger compartments when they aren’t necessary.

Techrules Ren

The driver sits in the centre and climbs into a cockpit with a mix of leather and denim upholstery. A self-levelling screen in the centre screen shows the vital instruments. This wild design makes traditional mirrors difficult to implement, so three rear-facing cameras perform the duty. Their images provide a complete view out of the back. Speakers let the driver communicate with the outside world.

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Techrules intends to begin Ren production in 2018 but is taking orders now. The company plans to build 96 track versions in Italy, and they would trickle out at a rate of 10 examples per year. Eventually, the firm wants to branch out into offering more accessible models like a crossover and city car. There isn’t a precise timeframe for these products to hit the road, though.

The fledgling Chinese automaker is certainly being ambitious with its first product, but the firm’s claims still are lofty enough that we have to take the impressive figures with a grain of salt.

Source: Techrules

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