In terms of overall manufacturers, Fiat-Chrysler is actually in first place with 37,558 sales for January and February.

It's still plenty early in the year, with snow still on the ground in many places across the country, but the Ford brand has already opened up a significant lead in Canadian car sales after the first two months of 2017. The brand, buoyed as always by its F-150 pickup, has moved 35,165 passenger vehicles in total up to the end of February, pulling ahead of Toyota, which is currently in second place with 22,848 sales.

It may still be about 13,000 sales behind Ford, but Toyota was given a huge boost in February thanks to its Corolla compact car, which was the second-best selling passenger car for the month, finishing with 3,469 sales. It was close behind the Honda Civic, which moved 3,921 vehicles.

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In terms of overall manufacturers, Fiat-Chrysler is actually in first place with 37,558 sales for January and February, barely edging out Ford Motor, which has moved 36,190 vehicles so far this year. General Motors is in third (31,133), Toyota Motor Corp is fourth (25,581), and Honda Motor Company is fifth (21,795).

Unsurprisingly, the F-150 and Ram's light duty pickups were first and second in overall numbers in February, with 10,251 and 7,391 sales, respectively. Rounding out the top 10 were the GMC Sierra (fifth place, 3,335 sales), Dodge Grand Caravan (sixth/3,260), the redesigned Honda CR-V (seventh/3,240), Toyota RAV4 (eighth/3,014), Chevy Silverado (ninth/2,976), and Nissan Rogue (10th/2,868).

There were some noteworthy year-over-year drops to report. While the Civic and Corolla have seen healthy numbers this year, Hyundai's compact competitor, the Elantra, saw sales drop nearly 30 percent compared to the same month last year. That said, it still ended up well ahead of Mazda for third place for February in terms of passenger car sales. Overall compared to last year, Elantra sales are down 26.4 percent.

The darling of Jeep's lineup, the Wrangler, saw sales drop nearly 22 percent compared to last February, and its overall sales are down 5.5 percent compared to this time in 2016. The Jeep Cherokee, Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, Ford Edge, and Kia Sorento were all SUVs that saw double-digit percent decreases in sales compared to February of last year.

Ford opens significant sales lead in 2017 with big February

In terms of luxury brands, Mercedes-Benz (6,658 sales) is leading its European arch rival BMW (4,674). Audi (3,902), Lexus (2,733), and Acura (2,255) complete the top five, and it's worth noting Audi in particular is up nearly 28 percent compared to this time last year, which is the biggest jump in the top five luxury marques.


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