The weird roar is part of a system that makes the Challenger Demon build more boost off the line.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has no problem breathing through its massive hood scoop, and the company’s latest teaser for the muscle machine now explains how gases leave the supercharged engine through a staged exhaust just before a launch down the strip. It makes an odd noise, though.

Dodge claims that the torque reserve launch system is the first time ever this tech is seeing an application for drag racing on a production car. When drivers put the car into Launch Mode, a bypass valve for the supercharger closes, and the engine control unit adjusts the fuel flow and ignition timing. These adjustments let the supercharger build more boost without letting the rear tires spin. As a side effect of these changes, the exhaust note is also quite different just before launching down the track. People with knowledge of the tech “will hear extreme performance, but those who don’t will think something is wrong with the engine,” according to the automaker.

If you can’t get enough of this sound, Dodge is offering the Challenger Demon’s exhaust note as a ringtone on the model’s promotional website and on iTunes.



The automaker is also continuing with its weird numerology with the perplexing “3.9 + 221=405” on the accompanying image. Sometimes these codes seem to have obvious meanings like the last teaser’s repeated use of 757 as a possible hint about the Demon’s horsepower output. This one seems inexplicable, though. If you have a theory, let us know in the comments. As Dodge keeps repeating about the muscle car, “nothing is a coincidence and everything means something.”

Dodge Demon Crate

This is the second snippet of info to come out about the Challenger Demon this week. Dodge is also revealing the so-called Demon Crate that comes with each car. It’s full of tools and parts for the drag strip, including a hydraulic jack, impact wrench, tire pressure gauge, and at least two wheels.

Learn more about the Dodge Demon:

The drawn out teaser campaign for the Challenger Demon finally ends on April 11 when the muscle car makes an official debut at the 2017 New York International Auto Show. This monster features a bounty of heavy-duty parts and adjustments that make it a serious drag racer, but the vehicle remains road legal.

Source: Dodge

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