With so few of them on the way, this might be the closest many people get to buying a Huayra Roadster.

If you ever want to feel the thrill of building your own hypercar, check out Pagani’s new configurator for the Huayra Roadster. The tool lets you pick a color, the wheels, and interior finishes. There are even buttons to open the doors, engine compartment, and hood. 

According to Pagani, the most popular configuration among people using this tool is a Blue Francia body with Transparent Black lower section, gold wheels, and natural suede interior. The second-most popular layout is the colour combo but with black wheels and a matching interior. Covering the exterior in Carbon Black, black wheels, and a natural suede cabin round out the top three most popular configurations.


2018 Pagani Huayra Roadster

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Now, we have to apologize because even if you have the 2.28 million euros (about $3.72M CAD) necessary to purchase one of these topless hypercars, there are none left to buy. Pagani says that it already has buyers for all 100 examples. So this configurator is one of the few ways to experience a Huayra Roadster until used examples start going up for sale or the model is available to drive in a video game (the next Forza maybe?)

The Huayra Roadster has even more power because the Mercedes-AMG-sourced 6.0-litre biturbo V12 now makes 752 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque, rather than 719 hp and 738 lb-ft in the standard coupe. Pagani’s mix of carbon fibre and titanium allows the weight to drop by 80 kilograms to 1,280 KG.

The Roadster’s revised design features a new front fascia and nacelles behind each seat. The model comes with two removable roof panels. A simple fabric unit stows in the car, and owners can install in case of unexpected inclement weather. A carbon fibre piece looks better and provides more permanent protection, including a transparent piece above occupants. 

Pagani still has room to make the Roadster more powerful because the Huayra BC makes 789 horsepower. Given the company’s willingness constantly to improve its products, don’t be too surprised if a Roadster BC arrives eventually.

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Source: Pagani

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