Volkswagen, hear us out: "If you build it, he will come."

With crossovers and SUVs continuing to take the car world by storm, we certainly need more wagons in our lives to balance things out. Considering the Arteon is already a sexy car in its standard form, a long-roof version would be even more desirable for some people, as this speculative render tries to prove.

It’s only a digital exercise at this point, but Volkswagen has already admitted it’s toying around with the idea of giving its new Passat-based flagship for Europe the wagon treatment. Bear in mind the folks from Wolfsburg are describing the more practical Arteon as being a “shooting brake,” but since it will likely retain the rear doors, we’ll just call it a wagon.

VW’s Head of Full-Size Product Lines, Elmar-Marius Licharz, said some months ago it all depends on the success of the Arteon, adding the wagon is just one of the body styles they’re thinking of to expand the lineup. If it receives the stamp of approval, the Arteon Variant (or whatever it will be called) will come with a more spacious trunk than the regular model, which can hold up to 563 litres of your luggage with the seats in place. Fold them down and the Passat’s hotter cousin provides a cargo capacity of 1,557 litres.

2018 VW Arteon in Geneva
2018 VW Arteon in Geneva

As for pricing, it would obviously command a premium over the standard Arteon available in Germany right now from €49,325 (approx. $71,000 CAD) with the 280-hp 2.0 TSI engine. Keep in mind only this engine and the torquetastic 2.0 BiTDI (from €51,600/$74,000 CAD) can be pre-ordered at this point, so the starting price will likely drop in the months to come once lesser engines will be added to the range.

More on the Arteon:

Just to get an idea of how much money VW is going to ask for an Arteon Variant (if there will be one), there is roughly a €1,000 (approx. $1,400 CAD) difference between the Passat sedan and the wagon in the model’s domestic market, regardless of trim level.

2018 VW Arteon is presented in Geneva
2018 VW Arteon is presented in Geneva

As for the U.S. market, the Arteon has already been confirmed for a 2018 launch. No word on pricing just yet, but prepare to fork out more money than the CC’s starting price of $39,750.

Render: X-Tomi Design

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