Mercedes F1 executive director Toto Wolff's wife announces pregnancy through Facebook.

Former Williams Formula 1 team development driver Susie Wolff has lost a lawsuit and won’t be getting her driver’s licence back soon. In November last year, she was banned for six months after being recorded driving at 35 miles per hour (56 kilometres per hour) in a 30 mph (40 km/h) zone in the village of East Hanney, Oxfordshire, in June 2015.

During a hearing at the Oxford Crown Court last week, Wolff, currently an ambassador for Mercedes-Benz, declared that losing her licence was "hugely embarrassing" and would have a "massive impact" on her charity work. She is leading the Dare to be Different charity community, encouraging young girls to take part in motorsport.

“I'm not a girl racer, I save my speed for the race track,” Wolff declared. “It is a hugely embarrassing situation to find myself in, I'm a professional driver and to be caught speeding and to have my licence taken away for speeding, it would have an effect on my reputation."

Wolff also said she is “a role model” to the hundreds of girls linked to her organization and she would not be able to participate in events or to do her job in Mercedes with no driver’s licence. But Recorder Sarah Campbell dismissed her appeal, saying her ban may be “a salutary lesson to those aware of the facts.” Wolff will be fined £500 (approx. $800 CAD).

Susie, meanwhile, who is the wife of Mercedes F1 executive director Toto Wolff, used Toto's personal Facebook profile to indirectly announce she is pregnant. She posted a photo of a pram in Mercedes-AMG F1 team colours, promising “there will be smoke coming off those wheels.” Apparently, this will be the only Mercedes she will be driving in the next couple of months.


Source:, Susie Wolff on Facebook

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