Experience the Raptor’s off-road action without all the dust or nausea.

There’s nothing like the real thing, but since piloting a new F-150 Raptor in the Baja 1000 isn’t in the cards for most people, Ford wants to offer folks a taste of the action. The company recently released a VR experience that iOS and Android users can download, featuring a factory stock Raptor bounding through the Mexican wilderness en route to a third place finish in the 49th Baja 1000 last November.

“We are excited to debut this virtual reality story, a first for the all-new Raptor,” said Henry Ford III, Global Marketing Manager of Ford Performance, in a press release on the video. “’Born to Baja’ showcases the Built Ford Tough attitude that is at the heart of this performance monster.”

While there is a stock category in the Baja 1000, certain safety requirements and vehicles adjustments are necessary in order to compete. A full Chromalloy steel cage was added along with racing seats and a full race harness. The standard fuel tank was replaced with a puncture-resistant fuel cell, and the stock Raptor suspension was adjusted to accommodate the extra weight of the add-ons.

More on Ford's Raptor:

The Raptor was championed in the event by Ford Performance and Greg Foutz Motorsports. The team completed the 850-mile (1,368-kilometre) off-road endurance race in 39 hours and 59 minutes, requiring only minor adjustments during the competition. That’s not too shabby considering the Raptor’s brakes, 10-speed automatic transmission, and 3.5-litre, 450-horsepower EcoBoost V6 were completely stock.

Ford’s revamped specialty off-roader went on sale in December, and though fans of the original Raptor were skittish at the thought of swapping the big V8 for a biturbo six, it’s been generally well-received. We were particularly impressed with the Raptor’s on-road, everyday functionality despite its ability to leap sand dunes in a single bound.

Apparently, the Foutz Motorsports guys felt the same way because they drove their Baja-prepped Raptor back to Arizona after the race. Thankfully, that leg of the journey is not part of the VR experience.

Source: Ford

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