The air conditioning system will chill more than just the driver.

It’s week 12 of Dodge’s enduring SRT Demon teaser campaign. So far we’ve seen it do burnouts, lose weight, launch hard, and sound weird, among other things. A total of 757 horsepower was strongly hinted at in a video about the Demon’s on-board tech systems a few weeks ago, but there’s still plenty of room to speculate on a higher number.


2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon teaser image


Today, Dodge wants you to know that the Demon will be the first production car to feature a liquid-to-air charge air cooler chiller system. It’s certainly a mouthful to say, but in reality the liquid-to-air charge air cooler chiller system – henceforth known as the cool thing – is actually quite simple. In Drag Mode, the Demon’s air conditioning system is diverted to cool the engine’s charge air cooling system.

In other words, cold air created by the engine is used to cool the cooling system that cools air entering the engine. That will make more sense the second time you read it.

It may sound a bit wonky, but drag racers will likely love this feature. That’s because heat is the enemy of performance, which is why you’ll see bags of ice packed around engines and intakes on any given test-and-tune night at the strip. Cool air is denser, which means more air can be shoved into the engine and mixed with fuel to make more horsepower. And since compressing air with a supercharger generates even more heat, keeping things cool can have an even bigger impact for forced-induction applications.

Learn even more about the Demon:

Dodge says their cool thing can drop air intake temperatures by up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit (seven degrees Celsius), which should be enough to deliver a noticeable horsepower bump. On the flip side, accessory systems such as air conditioning often draw horsepower from the engine. And many drag strips frown upon using air conditioning on the track because of the condensation they create. The last thing you want on the track is a small puddle of water.

The Challenger SRT Demon will be officially unveiled April 11 at the New York Auto Show. Until then, keep an eye to for the final teaser coming next week.

Source: Dodge

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