A 14-question survey was released online this week, and will be available until May 9.

It's time for the public to serve the police, and not the other way around.

Following backlash due to the "militaristic" look of new cruisers introduced last year, Toronto Police are asking the public for direct input to influence how the next generation of cruisers should be styled. A 14-question survey was released online this week, and will be available until May 9.

Toronto's current Ford Crown Victorias have followed a red, white, and blue colour scheme since the mid-1980's, and the service is ready to change things up. Last year, though, new-look Ford Interceptor cruisers were outfitted in dark gray paint, but were criticized for looking too much like the Toronto Police Service's stealth cars.


Shortly after the new vehicles were unveiled, Toronto city council asked TPS to retain the original colour scheme, as it wanted "to make sure the colours and graphics chosen 'reflect the city's values of diversity, inclusiveness, and mutual respect.'"

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The look was in fact quickly shelved, and it was back to red, white, and blue once again for the 700-plus cars used on TPS' frontlines.

The survey asks visitors everything from "what characteristic would you most like Toronto Police Service front-line vehicles to project?" to "where do you think the Toronto Police Service motto - To Serve & Protect - should be placed?" Not surprisingly, survey-takers can also vote on which colour should serve as the base for the vehicles. Out of the five colour options, dark gray isn't one of them.

"What I learned out of (the new gray cruisers being criticized) is it's important to listen to the community, listen to what the public had to say," Toronto Chief of Police Mark Saunders told CP24. "I did the first time, but realistically, the public consultation could have been a lot stronger than it was."

Toronto Police say the results will be analyzed once the survey closes.

Source: Toronto Police, CP24

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