It’s one of just three, and it’s heading to auction next month where it could go for as much as $620,000.

Who needs an SUV when you can be a true sportsman in this 1996 Aston Martin? The aptly named V8 Sportsman Estate was one of just three examples built by Aston Martin, and it’s heading to auction next month as part of the Bonham’s Aston Martin Sale.

So what is it, exactly? The bespoke creation was commissioned by two Swiss brothers in 1996 looking to add an inkling of usability to the typically sporty nature synonymous with Aston Martin products. It uses the V8 Coupe as its base, and borrows the same 330-horsepower V8 good for a top speed of 257 kilometres per hour, and a 0 to 60 mile-per-houer (96 kilometre-per-hour) sprint of less than seven seconds. It wears the chassis number SCFCAM2SCTBL79007, and originally left the factory as a stock V8 Coupe before being returned to the factory and modified.

1996 Aston Martin V8 Sportsman Estate

It’s a rare left-hand drive, automatic, and left the factory in July of 1996. 
The car been maintained meticulously by the Aston Martin Works department since then, assuring this rare piece of motoring remains in pristine condition, now going on more than 20 years. Inside, the green leather interior matches the British Racing Green found on the body, and comes with a smattering of walnut detailing throughout.


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In 1999, the engine was rebuilt completely by the factory, having driven just 5,755 miles (9,263 kilometres). It was then sold to its second owner, a French art collector named Fedoroff, who registered the car in Monaco. Following the artist's death, the car was sold at auction in 2014, and will now cross the block again on May 13, 2017.

1996 Aston Martin V8 Sportsman Estate
1996 Aston Martin V8 Sportsman Estate

The car has driven just over 13,048 miles (21,000 km) since new, and for the last few years has been part of a private collection of Aston Martins. The car was last serviced in February, and shows so signs of wear or damage, having been maintained extensively throughout its lifetime. It comes complete with service records, handbooks, and plenty of personality. Estimates suggest it could go for anywhere from £300,000 - 350,000 (approx. $530,000 - $620,000 CAD).

Source: Bonhams

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