When you have to say goodbye to your beloved car.

Let’s talk about the specific feeling you get when selling a beloved vehicle. You’ve probably been together through thick and thin, and have spent years and hundreds of thousands of kilometres together in sun, snow, and rain. But the moment has come to find a new (and probably better) friend for the road – and your old vehicle deserves a proper send off. We've just found the perfect way to say goodbye to your car and find it a good new owner.

Meet Eugene Romanovsky, who is selling his 1996 Suzuki Vitara with “deep sorrow.” In addition to ads on several sites, he’s decided to promote his “best friend” through a brilliant video ad, uploaded on YouTube. He must have really been in the exact same situation as explained above and the result of his feelings is, again, fantastic.

Suzuki Vitara ad
Suzuki Vitara ad
Suzuki Vitara ad

Apparently, his Vitara is capable of literally everything and going everywhere “with no fear.” It’s also “friendly to environment” thanks to its 1.6-litre injection engine and can dive into deep waters and even reach… the moon. That means it has covered at least384,400 km, but we’ll probably have to check the light year gauge first, as space kilometres aren’t as wearing as city kilometres are...

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From our perspective, there’s nothing special about this old Vitara. But Romanovsky’s ad is so convincing we now feel maybe this vehicle really is something special. All he ever wanted was to sell his car, but now his video ad has nearly 1.8 million views on YouTube (at the moment of writing this story) and more than 1,000 comments.

Source: Eugene Romanovsky on YouTube

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