A beefy 260-hp gasoline engine ensures the car gets to the scene of the fire as fast as possible.

The new Opel Insignia Sports Tourer is arguably one of the best-looking midsize wagons in the business and it's just as appealing dressed up as a mobile command vehicle. It was shown at this past week's 2017 RETTmobil event organized in Fulda, Germany where it shared the spotlight with a Vivaro also wearing a similar fire department outfit.

The VW Passat Variant’s rival is being showcased in the hottest (pun intended) version available today: the 260-horsepower model featuring a strong turbocharged 2.0-litre gasoline engine generating 295 pound-feet of torque. It goes from 0 - 100 kilometres per hour in only seven and a half seconds and will max out at 245 km/h, thus making it the quickest and fastest Insignia of the bunch at the moment. It goes without saying this version will eventually be outpaced by the range-topping OPC due likely next year.

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Whether it’s raining or snowing, this Insignia Sports Tourer reporting for fire department duty won’t have a problem with grip as the 260-hp model comes standard with an all-wheel drive system boasting torque vectoring. In charge of channeling the engine’s power to both axles is a newly developed eight-speed automatic, prompting Opel to say it allows drivers to “keep their hands on the steering wheel even in the most dangerous situations” on their way to a fire.

Aside from the typical livery you’d expect from a rescue vehicle, the wagon has also been fitted with a bespoke signal system as well as front-mounted LED flashers to alert everyone nearby about its presence. As a final touch, the spare wheel has been removed to free up room for a special storage space carrying a radio system, as well as the necessary fire-fighting-related kit.

Source: Opel

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