BMW Canada is behind the creation of this video that was shot in Budapest, Hungary.

After learning about the 8 Series’ return earlier today, the time has come to have a look at the pint-sized i3. The EV hasn’t been subjected to any changes, but there is a new ad to show off what BMW describes as being its “silent performance.”

As demonstrated in this CGI-heavy commercial, the zero-emissions hatchback is small enough to squeeze inside a library, but the ad is not actually about its footprint. BMW wants to show that – like with every other EV out there – the i3 in the pure electric version can be driven in silence since it does not have a combustion engine. Truth be told, it’s not entirely silent as you can still hear a whining sound coming from the electric motor, though the most obtrusive noise is generated by the tires screeching on the shiny waxed wooden floor.

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The idea behind BMW’s latest ad is to highlight the i3 is not only emissions-free, but it’s also good in the sense that it doesn’t generate noise pollution. Its nearly silent operation can make our lives more relaxing during the daily commute in a crowded city packed with cars. We should point out the i3 does make an artificial sound to alert nearby pedestrians about its presence and reduce the risk of an impact.

The i3 was updated last year when the EV received a bigger 33-kWh battery increasing range to 200 kilometres.

Rumours of a performance-oriented i3S persist, so we might see it right away together with the standard facelifted car. BMW could decide to introduce the revised i3 as soon as September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


Source: BMW

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