The kit overhauls the 488 GTB's look from the rear.

The Ferrari 488 GTB is one of the sports coupe in the world, and the Prancing Horse can barely keep up with demand. If you’re lucky enough to have one of these supercars in your garage, then Misha Designs has a new body kit for tweaking its look.

Ferrari 488 Widebody Misha

Misha Design’s body kit adds an array of carbon fibre components. A new front bumper retains the factory’s large intakes and incorporates a more prominent splitter. There are small slits on each side, too. The hood features a revised center section with a cutout in the middle that lends a racing-inspired aesthetic. The updated side skirts gain vertical fins at the rear, and the new covers for the side intakes feature a rounder shade that Ferrari’s stock pieces. 

At the back, the deck lid now has a pair of upward sweeping fixed spoilers. Misha Designs’ rear diffuser and bumper also overhaul the look there. A mesh panel now offers a view at the 488 GTB’s mechanicals. The dark parts make the tailpipes less prominent than Ferrari’s stock parts, too.

To further show off how the kit looks, Misha Designs dresses this 488 GTB in a set of narrow-spoke 20-inch wheels and wraps the exterior in Satin Supercandy Silver. The company leaves the new parts in clear-coated carbon fibre, so that they pop out in comparison to the body’s light colour.


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Misha Designs is currently working on a widebody version of this kit. The company intends to reveal the more aggressive look in about a month.

Ferrari might have a hotter 488 GTB on the market in a few years. Spy photos suggest the possibility of a hybrid version, and there are also rumors of a track-focused GTO variant for 2018. The hardcore model would reportedly drop 75 kilograms (165 pounds), and the engineers would push the 3.9-litre biturbo V8’s output to around 700 horsepower.


Source: Misha Designs


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