It's not road-legal, but it's officially coming to Canada for the first time.

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC), known best for it’s Mono sports car, has announced a partnership with Pfaff Automotive Partners, a dealer group in Ontario, for Canadian distribution and support for the car.

Liverpool, U.K.-based BAC has exported the Mono to over 30 territories globally since the car’s launch in 2011. Partnering with Pfaff marks the first time the Mono will be sold in Canada.

In a statement to Motor1 Canada, BAC tells us that four cars will be shipped to Canada in the next year. Monos sold here will be track-only for the time being. To be exact, we were told “not yet” when asked about being street-legal; perhaps that’s a hint at a change in the future? Fingers crossed.


BAC Mono
BAC Mono


A spokesperson from Pfaff tells us to expect pricing to be about $300,000.

The first BAC Mono, a demo vehicle, arrives at Pfaff in Vaughan, ON (just north of Toronto) this July. Interested buyers can place orders for the cars immediately, but Pfaff will not carry an inventory as each Mono is fitted to its driver right from the factory. Pfaff says it expects strong interest in the Mono from customers with an appetite for high-end track machines.

In addition to sales, cars in Canada will be supported and serviced by Pfaff. Enthusiasts will know the dealer group as being responsible for McLaren, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Pagani, and Singer Vehicle Design.


More on the BAC Mono:


The Mono, perhaps most recognized for its striking visual design, is a proper beast around the bends. Created by BAC with the aim of bringing formula racing style handling to a road car, the Mono was one of the fastest vehicles around the BBC’s Top Gear test track, and easily holds its own against any supercar.

A carbon fibre composite and graphene body wraps around a steel chassis to create this single-seater, while power comes from a new-for-2016 2.5-litre Mountune four-cylinder capable of a 305 horsepower (the Mono used to be powered by a less powerful 2.3-litre Cosworth motor producing rated for 280 hp). Zero-100 kilometres per hour (0-62 miles per hour) comes up in under three seconds, and the Mono tops out at 273 km/h – we imagine this has got to feel like a million km/h in an open cockpit car that’s just 100 millimetres off the ground. Oh, and skip a few meals – with a dry weight of 580 kilograms, every gram you bring to the car will likely be noticed.


Source: BAC; Pfaff Motors


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