The car will be revealed in full next month by tennis star Andy Murray.

Jaguar is rolling out an all-new marketing campaign for its upcoming XF Sportbrake, and it should be a grand slam for tennis fans everywhere, excuse the pun. Leading up to tennis’ most prestigious event, Wimbledon, Jaguar drove its new XF Sportbrake prototype to the world’s most remote tennis court. And it did so in style.

The new XF was wrapped in a full tennis ball motif from top to bottom. The neon yellow wagon made its way from Jaguar headquarters in Coventry, to the Bunabhainneadar Tennis Court in the Isle of Harris with fan Susan MacCormick in the passenger seat, and brand ambassador Tim Henman behind the wheel.

"The Bunabhainneadar Tennis Court looks unreal, so I can see why Andy doubted Susan’s original message," said Henman. "We’ve proven that it really does exist now and the road to the court was the perfect place to try out the new XF Sportbrake as it mixes amazing scenery with some challenging corners. I can’t wait to drive the car again – perhaps a bit closer to home."

Though it may be a bit eye searing in this particular getup, worry not, it won’t be an option on the XF Sportbrake when it goes on sale later in the year. Jaguar has already confirmed that the wagon will make its way to North America as well as Europe.

The new Jag will compete directly with cars like the Volvo V90 and Mercedes E-Class Estate when it does go on sale. No word on pricing just yet, but expect the Sportbrake to demand a premium over the sedan, which starts at $58,900 in the entry-level trim.


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Source: Jaguar

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