Forget driving with your dog the really cool people have a falcon next to them on the road.

Everyone is familiar with the difficult situation of wanting to take a drive but feeling bad about leaving your pet falcon home alone. Being behind the wheel with a bird of prey riding shotgun simply makes a journey more enjoyable. Now, Bentley has a custom Bentayga that solves this incredibly common problem.

Bentley Bentayga Falconry Mulliner

The Bentayga Falconry by Mulliner is a one-off that features an on-board kit for folks who like to hunt with a bird of prey. There’s even a removable perch and tether for the animal on the centre console. Unless these falcons are house trained, we suspect the back of this Bentley could be a rather messy place.

The cabin also features an inlaid desert scene of a saker falcon on the dashboard. According to Bentley, the panel comprises 430 pieces of wood.

Bentley Bentayga Falconry Mulliner

Two cork cabinets sit on a moving tray in the cargo area. One contains falconry accessories like a GPS bird track, binoculars, bird hood, and leather glove so that the animal can perch on the owner. The other cupboard holds three metal flasks, cups, a blanket, and face cloths.

More news on the Bentayga:

Falconry is a form of hunting where a trained bird of prey, such as a hawk, eagle, or falcon, chases down game. “Falconry is regarded as the sport of kings in the Middle East, so it was vital that the kit we created was as luxurious as it was practical and durable to appeal to our valued customers there and around the world,” Geoff Dowding, Director of Mulliner, said about the one-off Bentayga.

Mulliner previously built a one-off Bentayga specifically for fly fishing. It featured four rods in custom leather tubes and matching nets in their own hide covers. Cabinets held a tackle station, refreshment case, and waterproof wader-stowage trunk.


Source: Bentley

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