The unique cars are a nod to South Korea's two biggest cities, Seoul and Busan.

It was in 2004 when Rolls-Royce officially arrived in South Korea with the opening of a showroom in Seoul before inaugurating the second one last September in Busan. In a bid to celebrate more than 10 years of “cordial ties” with the country from eastern Asia, RR has come up with not one, but two bespoke cars as a nod to the biggest cities in the country: Seoul and Busan.

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First up, the Ghost Seoul Edition comes with an Andalusian White body beautified with a twin coachline in Mugello Red and Cobalto Blue as well as a hand-painted motif illustrating the silhouette of the Namsan Seoul Tower.

Most of the magic happens inside the cabin where the black leather has received white accents for a contrasting effect. For a touch of colour, Cobalto Blue stitching and Mugello Red piping have been added as well. The list of luxury amenities includes a variety of items, ranging from a rear-seat entertainment system to lambswool floormats.

As for the Wraith Busan Edition, Rolls-Royce has decided to go with an exquisite two-tone Royal Blue and Jubilee Silver exterior combined with a single coachline finished in Blushing Pink. The company’s design team based in Goodwood came up with a fancy rear pillar motif depicting a geometrical pattern taking inspiration from the latticework in Korea’s traditional hanok screen doors. This classic theme was combined with a modern take as the lattice effect was made by intersecting metal beams and glass panels similar to those used for the skyscrapers in the Marine City in the Haeundae District.

On the inside, the one-off Wraith Busan Edition stands out thanks to its Selby Grey leather upholstery adorned with Cobalto Blue and Navy Blue. From the intricate starlight headliner to the 18-channel, 1,300-watt sound system, the high-end coupe is anything but standard.

Rolls-Royce isn’t saying a word about pricing, but it doesn't really matter considering the two cars have probably been sold already.

Source: Rolls-Royce

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