Can you guess how many windows it has? Hint: Probably more than your house.

Restored over the course of three years using only original parts, this adorable 1959 Volkswagen Campervan is one of the very few made in a right-hand-drive specification. It’s far from being an ordinary T1 as we’re dealing with the top-of-the-range Samba version known in the United States as the Sunroof Deluxe. The early ones came with an impressive 23-window setup, as it’s the case with this pristine example, while later on the Samba switched to a 21-window arrangement.

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Being a RHD model with the two extra windows, many consider it the “Holy Grail” version among fans of the T1. Classic Car Auctions (CCA) says the Microbus now “appears just as it did when it rolled out of the German factory in 1959 following a painstakingly detailed restoration.” To breathe new life into this Samba, every nut and bolt was removed and the vehicle was stripped down to its bare metal. The current owner went all out during the restoration process as he wanted to keep it as original as possible.

1959 VW Samba Campervan
1959 VW Samba Campervan

It’s wearing the original two-tone Beige White and Sealing Wax Red body paint as it did almost 60 years ago when it was sold to the original buyer from South Africa. The current owner from the U.K. restored the interior himself by putting his cabinet maker skills to good use after installing a Devon cabin — only available that year — he acquired before actually buying the T1.

The lengthy restoration also involved overhauling the oily bits and now the Microbus can “cruise comfortably at 65 mph [104 km/h].” Birmingham-based Bear VW Services was in charge of the 1600 twin port engine, which is actually the only part of the car that’s not entirely original. The same engineers were also responsible for rebuilding the manual gearbox.

Having covered 2,100 miles (3,380 kilometres) after being restored, the Samba Campervan is now in need of a new home. Classic Car Auctions will have the rare model up for grabs on June 10 at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre and it estimates the special T1 will fetch anywhere between £45,000 to £55,000 (approx. $80,000 - $97,000 CAD).

Source: Classic Car Auctions

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