It’s technically built by Dynamiq with “Porsche DNA,” which means you can’t even afford the optional deck furniture.

Here’s one for the affluent Motor1 reader who caught our coverage of the Bugatti-themed Niniette 66 yacht a couple months ago but wasn’t impressed with the on-board fire pit, hot tub, and Bugatti steering wheel. We now present for your consideration the Dynamiq GTT 115 superyacht, and yes, it’s designed in co-operation with Studio F.A. Porsche. After spending some time building our own yacht through the company’s online configurator, we’d easily take this optioned-up boat over the Niniette. Or, we could skip all the options and just buy a Bugatti. More on that in a bit.

Dynamiq GTT 115 Yacht


For the record, Studio F.A. Porsche is owned by Porsche, but the company offers a wide range of design services to numerous clients around the world. So while “Porsche DNA” is technically accurate, the only connections we can make between the yacht and the manufacturer are the rear mounted engines, and the insane prices for the multitude of optional extras as listed in the configurator.

How insane you ask? In configuring our modestly equipped GTT 115 we accumulated millions in options over and above the €11,900,000 (approx. $18,000,000 CAD) base price. Among the notable extras were the €250,000 (approx. $380,000 CAD) Sport Package featuring special paint, mahogany, and carbon fibre trim, and an exercise bike. We also went for the €55,000 (approx. $85,000 CAD) sundeck bar, the €45,000 (approx. $70,000 CAD) sliding door for the main saloon, the €270,000 (approx. $410,000 CAD) Minotti furniture and accessories package, and since we were feeling saucy, we blew €355,000 (approx. $540,000 CAD) on deck furniture. We also went for the matching Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo for a cool €131,200 (the vehicle has an MSRP of $118,600 in Canada), which means yes, you could have approximately four and a half Panameras for the cost of freaking deck furniture.

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We chose not to spend €35,000 (approx. $53,000 CAD) for a set of throw pillows, €38,000 (approx. $58,000 CAD) for crew uniforms, or €45,000 (approx. $68,000 CAD) for six sets of Egyptian cotton bedding with matching towels. We may be rich, but we’re not stupid.

This is just the tip of the iceberg (Titanic pun totally intended) for the dizzying list of items available to make your own GTT 115. If, however, your budget for an extravagant yacht stops dead at the $18 million base price, you’ll still get an all-aluminum 115-foot boat with three or four luxury cabins decked out with marble, leather, and carbon fibre trim. Power comes from twin MAN engines that offer a top speed of 21 knots.




If you want one, you better act fast. Dynamiq will only build seven GTT 115 superyachts, and one is already spoken for. Should you decide to pull the trigger, heed our advice: skip the optional €18,000 (approx. $27,000 CAD) diving board. It’s just not worth it.

Source: Dynamiq



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