Prevention, not treatment, was this driver's goal.

It's no secret that South Africa remains a particularly dangerous part of the world, even if the situation has improved considerably in recent years.

Theft of luxury cars through violence or at least threats to the driver, are commonplace in the country. If you are buying a luxury sports car in the $100,000+ range and live here, it might be best that you know how to handle yourself.


Check these out:


In the video captured by surveillance cameras, one can see the owner of a Porsche 911 waiting for what seems like a gate to open. A BMW 3 Series stops a few metres away and engages a sharp reverse. As the BMW partially blocks the driveway the Porsche is in, one of the rear passengers jumps out of the sedan, weapon in hand, and runs towards the driver door. The owner of the Porsche realizes what is going to happen and backs up with gusto. As the car reverses out of the driveway and swings out into the road, the Porsche clips the BMW's rear end quite violently. The would be victim succeeds in escaping from the what seemed like a no-win situation and drives off down the road, but not without having sustained some front-end damage themselves.

Clearly amateurs, the assailants in the BMW seem more bewildered than anything else and don't even pursue the Porsche, turning around and heading in the other direction moments later.


Source: Anton Koen via YouTube


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