It's a performance bargain, relatively speaking.

Air-cooled Porsche 911s are becoming increasingly expensive. One collection sold for $8.2 million at auction—or about $1M per vehicle. Another well-worn RSR, meanwhile, went for over $3 million. For those of you not looking to drop seven figures on a air-cooled example, why not opt for this water-cooled 996 with a healthy dose of modifications?

The car is available through McLaren Scottsdale and has an asking price of $299,900 USD (about $402,000 CAD). It’s not the best generation of 911, arguably, but it’s still a 2002 GT2 that has been modified to produce over 1,000 horsepower—that’s more than double the amount that came from the factory (456 hp). 

Under the hood is the same twin-turbo six-cylinder engine, modified heavily to produce the aforementioned 1,000 hp. To cope with that newfound performance, RSR performance brakes and suspension components were added, as was a custom-built sequential shift gearbox, JZR shocks, and a Motec dash, just to name a few.

The exterior is almost completely new as well, with carbon kevlar body panels and an aftermarket front and rear fascia. Functional vents and a massive rear wing aids in downforce, while centerlock Forgline wheels and performance tires help keep it all under control. All said and done, the seller estimates that over $700,000 USD worth of work has been put into this car, making this a performance bargain… relatively speaking.

Exactly what kind of modifications were done to the engine, or who built this monster Porsche remains a mystery. McLaren Scottsdale promises "additional details coming soon." For those of you seriously interested, it might be worth reaching out directly to get the entire scoop on this unique 911. It could make a worthy addition to someone's Porsche collection.


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Source: McLaren Scottsdale


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